CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) is a postoperative therapy that passively moves a joint through a prescribed range of motion. Passive motion (motion by mechanical assistance without causing active muscle contraction) allows the patient to retain movement of the joint while minimizing the pain and discomfort associated with active joint movement. CPM is an integral part of a rehabilitation program and is not meant to replace other therapies prescribed by a doctor or other health care providers.

Because of the pain associated with post-operatve active motion, patients will often keep the joint still, which leads to joint stiffness. CPM is beneficial because it keeps the joint moving in a slow controlled manner and helps to increase blood flow to the damaged tissue. CPM is safe and may help to decrease pain, reduce swelling, and maintain range of motion.

Current research indicates that the application of CPM should begin within 24 hours post surgery.

Articular surfaces, tendon, ligaments, bone and fascia of the shoulder, knee, wrist, digits, hip,and elbow having sustained damage requiring surgical repair.

Total joint replacement, Post manipulation, Contracture release, Capsulectomy, Anterior Cruciate Repair, Synovectomy, ORIF, Tendon laceration and repair, Hemarthrosis, Osteotomy, Burns and RSD of any joint.

CPM can improve the biological healing response for up to several weeks post-op.