Project Description

OptiFlex – The Story Behind the OptiFlex Knee CPM

When the Chattanooga Group first began research on continuous passive motion devices for the knee, we found a market that was staid and stagnant. Other manufacturers thought their designs needed no improvement, though the word from clinicians indicated otherwise. As a result, our engineers went to work, listening to the advice from physicians, nurses and therapists to find features that were needed. This is how the OptiFlex Knee CPM was born. It’s a true innovation! Features like Progressive ROM, Oscillation Zone, Fast Back¬†and Comfort Zone didn’t exist before OptiFlex. Imagine the difference these features can make in your patients, enhancing comfort, compliance and outcome. Our handheld pendant is ergonomically designed with easy-to-use buttons, back-lit display for maximum visibility, multiple language interface, context sensitive help and even a tough Santoprene bumper and seal.