Project Description

OptiFlex S – The New Wave in Technology

The OptiFlex S is easy-to-use and simple to program. In the past, shoulder CPM’s were hard to adjust and often impossible for the savviest of clinicians to understand. Many practitioners were afraid of imprecise movements that could totally reverse the effects of surgery. The OptiFlex S is truly different. It features such technology as the OptiCard™ chip card, which stores a patient’s individual treatment parameters, and an easy-to-read digital display that shows adduction/abduction and internal/external rotation in a clear and concise way. Punctuate those technological advances with precise anatomical motion. This high quality is not just for looks or “feel”, it promises smooth movements that maintain natural alignment, working the shoulder gently to encourage healing. It also has a sleek design that actually folds for storage or transport.

You will truly have to see the OptiFlex S to believe the difference!